Miller Lite
Summer Shandy

Pokro Brewing Company
Plum Krazy (Polish Plum Ale)
Racecars and Unicorns (IPA)

Burn 'Em Brewing
Krankenwagen! (Hefeweizen)
14 Buck Chuck (Pale Ale)

18th Street Brewery
Mr. Bright (Kolsch)

Byway Brewing Company
Stosh.O (Polish Pilsner)

Bulldog Brewing Company
Mr. P



Arnold Palmer
Smirnoff Red, White and Berry
Redds Apple Ale
Smith & Forge
Mikes Harder Lemonade
Mikes Harder Cranberry


The Wine garden will feature local finds as well as classic vines. 

Prickly Pare
Hard cider made with pears & prickly pears

Welcome to the Goodie Room Mead made with pineapples, white grapes and orange blossom honey

NOBLE SAVAGE Dry cabernet sauvignon.

ISLA DE ENCANTA Dry pinot grigio style wine.

Reggae Margarita Bursting with splashes of fresh-pressed limes, lemons, and oranges with a hint of salt. It's sweet and salty like an ocean breeze!
Reggae Sangria Made with real fruit juice from the freshest apples, cherries, pineapples, lemons, and limes. It's the life of the party! Garnish with fresh fruit to make a delicious pitcher—perfect for parties with family & friends.
Reggae White The white sandy beach hue of Reggae White complements its crisp pear and apricot fruitiness like a calypso band at your favorite cabana. Add some melon rum and you’ll be swaying with the palm trees!
Reggae Blush Passion fruit and delicious citrus scents swirl together for a combo as delightful as a steel drum on the beach. Let the sweet aromas of Reggae Blush dance in a Conga line around your senses. Blend with pineapple rum for a real party pleaser!
Reggae Red Like lounging in a hammock on a hot summer day, Reggae Red is the perfect addition to your party. This wine is jammin’ with pork, smoked turkey, chili or barbeque. Mix it up with coconut rum for an unbeatable combo!