Can you bring dogs to Pierogi Fest®? 
While we love dogs, Pierogi Fest® can get very crowded. With 300,000 people in attendance each year, it’s best to leave your furry friends at home.

What happens if it starts raining? 
A little rain never hurt anybody! Rain or shine, the fest will continue on. The only way the fest will close will be due to a National Weather Service announcement. It is up to the discretion of the vendors if they would like to continue service should the weather not cooperate with our polka party. 

What time does the fest start? 
Pierogi Fest® 2018 runs July 27, 28 and 30

I’m coming from afar. Where can I park and find lodging? 
Near, far, wherever you are, we’re so glad you’re coming to visit our Whiting for the fest. Visit our Find Us page to get all the information on nearby parking and hotels.

Can I bring strollers to the fest?
Of course; we are a family festival.

Can I bring a cooler into the fest? 
Pierogi Fest® does not allow guests to bring coolers of outside alcoholic beverages into the festival. We encourage to go to either the Beer Garden or Wine-O-Cheese Garden (or both!) during the fest! Learn more about what's on tap in both gardens during the fest here.